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vThreat Inc., Austin, TX - Cybersecurtiy Startup | 2015-2016


Creative Director

UI Design UX Design Front-end Dev Brand Identity Illustration Interactive Motion Graphics Art Direction Creative Direction Video Editing Photoshop Illustrator After Effects InDesign Github HTML5 CSS3 SVG Grid JS XML PHP Ruby D3 WebGL Command line


Being at the very beginning stages as a startup, the UI and brand identity was lacking in cohesion and definition, and a user story was still unfolding. All aspects of creative needed to be designed and built. I was the creative.


To contrast the serious and often stressful subject of Cybersecurity, I decided to run with a fun and playful approach. I designed and coded all of the front-end, designed logos, defined brand standards, developed motion graphics, iconography and all marketing materials. It took 1 year for 3 of us to complete all aspects of the company product - Ah, the beauty of a small operation!


"We help people not suck at Cybersecurity."

vThreat is a cloud based web app that allows users to help increase incident response time to cyber threats by optimizing security practices. A large part of the platform entails implementing simulated attack drills that are non-damaging so that the security manager can see where the potential pitfalls are in either their procedure or software configurations.


Design & Development

While working with the CTO and the lead dev as they created the back-end framework in Rails, I designed and built out the front end UI. Utilizing various libraries and grid frameworks, I continuously optimized for an intuitive and entertaining user experience, gluing it all together with a branded meta narrative.

Fun and unique.

I created a variety of graphics that added to the gamification aspect of the platform. Some characters personified or referenced cyber threats, which helped users put a face to the opponent which was often invisible.

sleeper guy

Design for Print

Spreading the word about great technology requires swag, and the ability to stand out from the crowd. We had attended various trade shows and expos including Black Hat, Infosec, and Defcon where we had t-shirts, cards, and displays that definitely caught some eyes!

Motion Graphics

There were many opportunities to create animated artifacts to display actionable items for demos, ornament and intros. I had fun with this pulling from various branding elements.


Are you Ready?

The threat of cyber attack is ever present...
Start Using Attack Simulations Today! Verify your security controls with 100% cloud-based simulations. (note: some styles have changed)

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